Team Captain Guide

The Team Captain Role


Register your team online

  • Remember Team Captains must register online before participants can join your team.
  • Once you are registered online, send out your team link to have colleagues, family and friends join your team. 

Corporate Team Captains are encouraged to liaise with senior executives to build management support for the #SunLifeWalk.

  • Engage your senior management to support the Walk by sending an endorsement message to all staff. 

Schedule a Kick-off event or alternatively attend the Kick-off with your team

  • Kick-offs are a great way to get your team together and create excitement about the Walk. This is also a great opportunity to create awareness of type 1 diabetes (T1D). Reach out to your local JDRF office for tools and resources and to confirm the date and time of the JDRF Kick-off in your local area.
  • Plan team fundraising ideas. Fundraising as a team can be fun and simple. Refer to tips and ideas in the Fundraising section of this site to get started. You can also log into the Walk site and find more helpful tips. 

Reach out to local businesses. Corporate teams are also encouraged to reach out to vendors and suppliers

  • Reaching out to local businesses, vendors and suppliers is a great way to raise funds within your network. It’s also a great way to build on the relationships your team network has.

Keep your team updated

  • As a Team Captain, one of your most important roles is to keep your team updated. Keep the lines of communication open throughout the Walk campaign on fundraising progress, upcoming team events and any event details. This will keep your team engaged and excited about the event and participating in the Walk.

Follow this fundraising timeline to stay on track and ensure success:

Step 1

(Now until May 2018) Register:

  1. As a Team Captain, ensure that you are registered so that team members can join your team.
  2. Register as a Team Captain by clicking the Register button.
Step 2

(March - May 2018) Recruit:

  1. Recruit family members, friends and your local network to join your team. 
  2. Corporate Team Captains: recruit colleagues to join your team. 
  3. If assistance is needed with registration, reach out to your local Chapter or contact the Participant Experience Representative at 1-877-505-5373.
  4. Educate yourself and your teammates on JDRF and T1D. We have some great tools available in our Fundraising Tools section such as the Diabetes Facts and Figures.
Step 3

(April - May 2018) Attend Your Local Walk Kick-Off:

  1. Attend the Walk Kick-Off.
  2. Take away pledge forms and posters.
  3. Learn about fundraising ideas and tips from top fundraisers.
  4. Be inspired by a JDRF Ambassador speaking about life with T1D.
Step 4

(April – June 2018) Fundraise:

Implement fundraising ideas (see Fundraising section)

  1. Use the Fundraising Tools and fundraise online.
  2. Upload your address book to your contact list on your personal fundraising page. Follow these easy steps to upload your address book:
    • Log In.
    • Click on “Address Book” from the top main navigation bar.
    • Select how you would like to import your contacts and follow the prompts.
  3. Create your email message, and send out your donation request to your contacts. To send an email to your contacts, follow these steps:
    • Log in.
    • Select “Email” from the main navigation bar.
    • Select your contacts and preview your message before sending.
  4. Track your progress. To track your progress, log in and click on “Donation History” from the main navigation bar at the top.
  5. Host a joint fundraising event with teammates. Engage your network to achieve your fundraising goal. Need some ideas or not sure how to get started? Check out the Fundraising Tools.
Step 5

(Walk Day) Celebrate Your Success:

  1. Today's the day! Communicate your team’s meeting place and time.
  2. Have fun!
  3. Wear a team T-shirt or costume (optional).
  4. If you are participating as a corporate team, event day is a great opportunity to show your corporate colours.
Step 6

(July - August 2018) Recognize:

  1. Enjoy your success.
  2. Thank your team members and donors for their participation in your success.
  3. Host an event to recognize everyone’s efforts.
  4. Attend JDRF’s Recognition Event. Your local Chapter will be able to provide details.

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