Ambassador Stories

Meet some of our Walk ambassadors! Each have worked diligently to encourage Walk participants to raise much-needed funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.

Max Image


"I’ve been living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) since I was 12, but it never stopped me from pursuing my dream of becoming an NHL player. I’ve had to make lifestyle changes in order to balance my career and my diabetes, and no, it has not always been easy. I want a cure for T1D, so that people don’t have to fight this disease while chasing their dreams. This is why I’m so excited to partner with JDRF Canada and help raise funds for T1D research. We’re closer than ever to finding a cure. Join me at the Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF."

Rebecca Image


"I was diagnosed in 1999, just before I turned 18. Being diagnosed at that age found me fall in a gap between paediatric and adult care; I went nearly two decades before connecting with other people living with type 1 diabetes (despite Banting being my cousin!). In 2019, I participated in my first Walk in London, ON with my son, and several friends, in my 20th year with type 1. It was a beautiful experience to see such a strong community walking and supporting loved ones with T1D. Raising funds allowed me to raise awareness too. Today, this community means everything to me, most importantly, it means I no longer feel alone."

Kaitlin  Image


“Diabetes has been in my kid’s lives since they were 2 years old. They don’t remember a life without it, but they are both tough, happy, adventurous, energetic, joyful independent little warriors who do not let diabetes get in their way. We have walked for a few years now – our entire family and close friends look forward to them every year. My girls feel a sense of normalcy at these events, that they are not alone. The events are spectacular. From all the vendors, guest speakers, games for kids, lunch, etc…. Such a fun day for our family. It’s one day that my girls don’t have to sit out. They can have fun and raise awareness together as we work towards an eventual cure.” 

Hailey Image


“I’ve had type 1 diabetes since I was 17 months old. I used to get four needles a day as a baby! I’m on the pump now which gives me insulin throughout the day. Technology continues to advance thanks to JDRF research. This year will be my ninth walk. Every year I host a jewelry sale to help raise money for the Walk. My favourite part of the Walk is having friends and family come out to support Team Hailey. Every day I have highs and lows, and no breaks from diabetes, so I think it’s important for everyone to register for the 2021 Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF this year to help find a cure for diabetes."

Jakob Image


"I have been participating in the JDRF Walk since 2009, and this year will be my 13th year.  I was only 2 years old when I first joined the Walk, right after I was diagnosed.  Every year, my grandparents, parents, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and even my great aunt and uncle come out to walk with me.  I feel very supported by my family.  We all want to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and the Walk has been a great way for me to help raise money for JDRF.  I have a community of friends and supporters through JDRF and it's always fun to see everyone at the Walk as well."